Durable and great looking sidings

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Durable and great looking sidings

We install the highest quality fiber cement siding products available on the market today. If you’re ready to enjoy your home without the hassle of scraping, sanding, priming, painting and caulking every few years, Techo Roofing & General Construction can help! Our siding installations will last year after year.

Fiber cement siding stands up to wind and rain, and even fire. Keep your home safe by adding modern siding to your property’s exterior.

Techo’s Siding “Process"

Techo Roofing & General Construction sticks to proven processes for every siding installation.  We want you to know exactly what goes into a high quality exteriors job, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Why Choose Techo Roofing for your next Exteriors project:

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Proper Installation is Critical

If you decide to get Fiber cement siding, installation is just as important as the quality of the product. Improperly installed siding can cause myriad problems for homeowners, ending up in costly repairs. 

Conceals Scratches

Scratches are rarely visible on modern siding because the color carries all the way through the material, it’s not just on the surface! 

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Peak Performance in any Climate

Resistance to extreme temperature is another benefit of Fiber cement siding, which means it can perform well in Western Washington’s often cold, wet climate.

Easy Upkeep

Techo’s siding materials are relatively easy to install, especially when you have our experienced professionals on the job.

Wrapping up the job

Once you are fully satisfied with your new siding, we will process final payment and finalize the warranty for your new sidings system.

Types of Siding

Whatever your tastes in home exterior design and materials, count on Techo Roofing & General Construction to advise you well and perform excellent work when it comes to your siding needs. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a durable, low maintenance material that can last 40-50 years if applied properly. In addition, vinyl comes in colors, textures and styles that take on the look and feel of natural materials.

Fiber cement siding

Fiber cement siding is very durable. It carries a slightly higher cost but can closely resemble natural wood - Perfect for our Washington Estate weather conditions.

Wood siding

Wood siding has the beauty and appeal of authentic, traditional home exteriors. It can be painted or stained to achieve the look you want and the right complement to your architecture.

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Techo Roofing & General Construction is the best source for your roofing and exterior home improvement needs. Whether your property is in Pierce, King, or Kitsap county, you can trust Techo for proven quality, experience, and unparalleled customer care – Contact us today!

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